- XanOnline user agreement:
1-Enjoy your time & Have fun playing fair.

2-Impersonating GM is not acceptable, GameMaster has a GM tag.

3-Trading/Selling Accounts/Gold for real money or for other servers can be done only with and through GM and doing it with a Player is not acceptable.

4-Ingame trades are acceptable as long as you trust the other person, the GM will not get involved and do not take responsibility of retrieving items that gets scammed as it is on your OWN responsibility.

5-Making religious/racist jokes are not acceptable.

6-Messing with a GM, making joke of a GM will not be tolerated as we are here to help you.

7-GameMasters do not get involved into the gameplay of a player, "Someone ks, scams, sinning, jokes, etc.." will not be solved by GameMasters as it is a part of the game which a player has to deal with.

8-A GameMaster has the right to ban a player if he seemed suspecious.

9-AFK splashing or any kind of automatic playing will lead into a ban(1 week, then 1 month, then permanent ban).